Auto-ID Laboratory at KAIST

The Leading Academic Research Network
on the Internet of Things, GS1.

Auto-ID Labs

The Auto-ID Labs are the leading global research network of academic laboratories in the field of Internet of Things.

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Auto-ID Laboratory at KAIST

KAIST (in South Korea) is the seventh university in the world to join the Auto-ID Labs, a leading global network of academic research laboratories in the field of RFID that includes such world renowned universities as MIT (USA), Cambridge University (UK), University of Adelaide (Australia), Keio University (Japan), Fudan University (China) and University of St. Gallen/ETH (Switzerland). Although each lab has a distinctive research area, all share the common vision of creating an "Internet of things."

Auto-ID Lab Korea at KAIST will leverage Korea's RFID technologies through collaboration with the world's best RFID laboratories and participation in international standardization processes led by GS1/EPCglobal. Furthermore, personnel exchanges and research partnerships with other Auto-ID Labs will allow KAIST to cultivate more internationalized talent.

Auto-ID Lab at KAIST
(Korea Headquarter )

KAIST N1 Building, Daejeon

Auto-ID Lab at KAIST,

Industry-University Cooperation Research Center

KAIST Dogok Campus, Seoul

Auto-ID Lab at KAIST,

Busan Innovation Research Center

Dongseo Univ. Centum Campus, Busan

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